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Posted by Toque in on 12 8th, 2008

The 100% accurate murloc translator algorithm by Toque. Algorithm coded into a working translator by Toque’s genius better half, Lucas.

Insert the text you wish to translate into the box. With the drop-down menu, select which direction you would like to translate, (English->Murloc or Murloc->English) and then click “translate.” It’s as easy as that! Check the Special Notes section below for other features and important info you’ll need to know when using this translator.


Special Notes
This translator has some special notes on its use. It is 100% accurate, however, if you attempt to input improper murloc, (murloc text is spelled wrong, incorrect murloc dialect inputted, etc.), it will not output properly. This translator works forwards and backwards with THIS translator’s murloc dialect only. Other murloc dialects from other sites will not work. The only possible inaccuracy this translator will have will be due to human user error.

The Murloc Metamorphoser preserves spaces, numbers, punctuation, and case. The algorithm’s format turns the first letter of the corresponding translation into a capital, so if you type words or phrases ALL IN CAPS, it will look more like “MmUlUl LlLu MlMmEkWr” instead, because that’s how this dialect works.

An additional feature that the Murloc Metamorphoser has is that you are able to put *stars* around any word or phrase in your text to preserve it from being parsed during the translation process. For example, if I wanted to translate the phrase “Yesterday I had *soup* for lunch”, but didn’t want the word “soup” to get translated, the murloc translation would be “Guilwrchillmlrmmgu Ll rwmmlr *soup* keuulm ulmulumlrw.” Note that the word “soup” was not parsed because I put *stars* around it.

Have comments on this murloc dialect or the Murloc Metamorphoser? Email Toque.


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