Lumiya the Scholarly White Mage

Posted by Toque in ffxiv on 03 4th, 2015

Lumiya SpellsongIt’s been a little over a month since my last post, and I’m happy to say that I’m still playing FFXIV obsessively every day. So what have I been up to all this time?

Last time I posted, I was working hard on leveling my white mage. I had just hit level 30, and after researching my cross-class abilities, started leveling THM and ACN for Swiftcast and Eye for an Eye. Having to level ACN to 34 was a bit of work, considering I’d just barely reached level 30 with my WHM. And what I realized as I began leveling ACN was that I *really* enjoyed it. It was very warlock-y, which reminded me of my old WoW days, and healing as a scholar was fun and totally different. It took a bit to get used to working together with my faerie, but it was a really interesting and different heal mechanic for me. And then… oops… all of a sudden I was level 50. As a scholar/summoner.

This weekend I finished up the main storyline and loved it. I got my awesome magitek armor mount and started trying to figure out relics and upgrading my gear. Just out of curiosity I decided to jump back to my WHM to heal a thing or two for some boosted xp on a daily roulette, and I suddenly started asking myself why I had stopped leveling it in the first place. Oh right, I got distracted when leveling ACN. I really like scholar and summoner and having summoned pets to fight with… but the beauty of FFXIV is that I can jump around and play whatever I’m in the mood for, without having to switch to an alt. So even though I just hit 50 as ACN, I’ve hopped back to WHM to level it up now, too.

I’m also starting to think that I’ll need to level weaver at some point. Probably. And someday I’ll go back to leveling BRD. Someday. :)

I love this game.

Lumiya the White (Mage)

Posted by Toque in ffxiv on 01 30th, 2015

lumiya spellsong of brynhildrLumiya hit level 30 last weekend and I’ve been enjoying my shiny new White Mage job. In celebration, my chocobo and I had a makeover; we both have white hair (feathers) now. I figured it looked pretty fitting for us heal-y types to be snow white from head to toe(s). My three-year-old son saw my beautiful white chocobo and started calling him Elsa, and I have to admit… it stuck. So I renamed Japegrin to Elsa, and Elsa and I are both going full heals at this point. I really like fighting with my trusty bird by my side. Elsa hit rank 3 this week and I’m currently around level 36.

Dungeon healing got a bit harder for me with the level 34 Haukke Manor instance. Or maybe I just got stuck with some bad tanks. It felt like Haukke Manor required a lot more concentration and for me to be a lot more careful with my mp; there were times I was completely out of mp at the end fight and we barely squeaked by. I started reading some guides online to make some adjustments, so this week I’ve been working on leveling THM to 26 and ACN to 34 to get Swiftcast and Eye for an Eye respectively to use as my cross class abilities.  I’ve loaded up a bit more on +piety and even took up Culinarian to start making myself buff food. So I’ve been a little all over the map this week between THM, ACN, and CUL. I think it’s pretty cool that in order to be the best WHM I can be, I need to borrow skills from other classes, and that means I get to dabble in more than just conjurer. I don’t know if I’ll ever level a BLM or a SUM/SCH, but they’re fun to level a little right now to get a feel for what other jobs offer. And I do plan to come back to BRD at some point; it’ll be my first priority after I pick up the cross class skills I need for WHM.

This game sure does have a lot to offer. I love FFXIV a little more every day!

It’s been a few weeks, so how’s it going in FFXIV?

Posted by Toque in ffxiv on 01 19th, 2015

Lumiya Arrowsong FFXIVI’ve been playing FFXIV for a few weeks now and I thought an update was in order. So what do I think so far?

I love it. Everything. I feel like FFXIV takes so many GOOD parts from so many different games and not only combines them into one fantastic experience, but improves upon those features in a way that truly makes you feel immersed within your character and their story. With ONE character, I can be anything AND everything. Whatever I want to be, without juggling alts or splitting my time between characters. I am Lumiya Spellsong, and while I first began leveling archer to become a bard (and just completed my first bard quest, yay!) I’ve missed healing a lot and am quickly leveling conjurer to go white mage as well. It took some getting used to with PS4 controls healing an instance, but after running a few duties, I’m feeling more confident. Also, HELLO INSTA-QUEUES. That’s been refreshing after playing DPS for most of my time so far. But now with one character I can be a fabulous bard OR equally fabulous white mage, just depending on what I want to do tonight and the weapon I have equipped. But it doesn’t stop there… if I wanted to, I could level ALL of the classes along with all of the crafting and gathering classes. And I’d never ever have to repeat a quest to do so. (I think that was part of my hatred for being sucked into the alt grind in WoW. If I had to level one more character through the Barrens…) I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t itching to do a little cooking and fishing in-game, too. Sorry, it’s just what I do. And at some point I will, because I can. And because there’s so much potential for my ONE character to do such a wide variety of things. There’s always something to do in-game.

Lumiya Arrowsong 01/10/2015 22:16:34I heart my chocobo. I know that sounds weird, but the mechanics of stabling and training your chocobo (and that they can have favorite snacks and be not only a mount, but a companion fighting by your side) makes them really feel like a pet. In a game of course, but a pet nonetheless. It’s almost like tamagochi (those little digital “pets” on a keychain from the 90s?) built-in to the game. I can feed my chocobo snacks to change its plumage, level it up with me, use it for a mount, and eventually have it wear various bardings to further customize him. Or her. I haven’t really decided yet. And I’m still waffling on a name. Currently Japegrin is stabled in my FC’s stable, waiting its 6 hours to change from the stock chocobo yellow to a snowy white. To go along with the whole white mage thing, get it? Japegrin was always the default name of my main hunter pets in WoW, but those were always cats and it just doesn’t seem to fit my chocobo, so I’m still working on it. My chocobo just feels MORE like a pet and more useful than any pet I’ve ever had in any other game. See what I mean by taking a mechanic from other games and making it better to make you feel even more connected and immersed? I CARE ABOUT A DIGITAL CHOCOBO. And not just ANY digital chocobo – MY digital chocobo.

I guess it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention at least one thing I don’t like about FFXIV so far. After all, nothing’s perfect, right? Okay… so I hate (HATE) the pugilist class. With a fiery passion. And I guess I should clarify that I don’t actually dislike the class, I just hate playing the class myself. Having to level it to 15 for my bard requirement nearly killed me. I’ve found that melee is just not my playstyle. But thankfully levequests really made the 15 levels of pugilist grind go by quickly, and I’m back to having fun. And I use the term grind lightly, so far – I’m sure like most MMORPGs, there’s a bit of a grind in FFXIV. It’s the nature of the genre. But so far I haven’t felt like the game is very grindy. There’s great stories woven throughout, the music is perfect (Holy crap, have I mentioned how hilariously awesome it is that I have my own TRAVELING MUSIC when I’m riding Japegrin around? Makes me kind of wish I had my own personal traveling music in real life.) and wow, is Eorzea ever beautiful. That could also have to do with playing on a PS4 on a big TV vs. always putting my graphics settings low on my PC to have less server lag. But still, the game is absolutely gorgeous. Which reminds me…

Lumiya Arrowsong FFXIVSightseeing log. And hunting log. And every other kind of log. I *LOVE* that there are these logs to help you experience things other than just focusing on killing stuff. Sure the hunting log is a log to provide you with some mobs you should kill at various levels, but that is SO HELPFUL to a newbie OR to someone going to level a new class; you get tons of bonus xp and get a chance to visit places perfect for your level when you utilize the hunting log. The sightseeing log is going to be my favorite past time at some point in the game, when I take a moment to slow down. I’m just too excited to try all of the things and explore all of the stuff to stop leveling a class to pick my job for sightseeing. But I will, because I love that exploration stuff. At some point I’ll also level some crafting and gathering. Have I mentioned yet how much I like the fact that you COULD level crafting and gathering to the cap without ever having to kill anything for XP? This reminds me of SWG where you could be an entertainer and level by dancing or playing music instead of going out in the wild, if you wanted. The abilities they get to allow them to sneak around the world undetected so that they can gather materials is really smart.

Smart. That’s how I’d describe FFXIV and my experiences so far. The way everything is set up seems so smart, to really keep people coming back and love investing in their main character. You can customize anything and everything to play the game exactly how YOU want to play, without being locked in to one thing or even one playstyle. Some examples that come to mind? Having an armory and being able to switch gear sets when you change classes without having tons of armor taking up precious inventory space. Having a retainer store things you want to keep AND sell things for you so that you can keep adventuring. All of the different journals, levequests (for battle AND crafting or gathering), guildheists, and the duty finder for forming instance or event runs. Everything just feels smart.

Lumiya Arrowsong FFXIVLet’s talk about the community. While I miss having a zone-wide “general chat” to get into random conversations or ask questions and meet people, (and therefore it sometimes seems really quiet) so far everyone I’ve encountered in pick-up groups or as I stand around town has been so NICE. Really. We had a tank who was clearly new to the whole concept in an instance run the other day. As the healer, I was pulling so much aggro because he wasn’t using his skills to pull enmity, or even switching targets. As we were trying to explain this to him in party chat, someone else in the group went to look up the skills he needed and politely told him which abilities to use, he apologized for being new at it, and everyone else just kept encouraging him and being understanding. By the end of the run he was doing a pretty good job keeping most things off me and actually switching targets and pulling aggro back from party members. And then at the end he thanked all of us for being patient with him and helping him get better. And this wasn’t the first time I’d seen a similar situation like this while in a random pick-up group. So far people have been really forgiving and understanding, and more interested in helping instead of berating. It was refreshing. (I love that I can give props to a group member that stood out at the end of each instance run, by the way. I always do.)

I mentioned at the beginning that this is the first FF game I’ve ever played. I’ve seen references to a lot of iconic names and characters that I know I’ve seen referenced in real life before, but never got because I’d never played anything in the FF universe. Because my experience has been going so well, I’m of course eager to look into more lore and history of this universe. I want to learn more about Eorzea and how we got to this point in the story. I want to read more about the Calamity and learn more about the dynamics between the different races and such.

Lumiya Arrowsong FFXIVCan I also mention how much I like that when I’m logged in to the official website, I am accessing content and posting as my in-game character, with the ability to blog AS my character? Again – another smart way Square Enix has really made you feel immersed in your character and the time you’ve invested in it. I’m guessing RP fans really love these touches, too. I don’t know if I’ll blog there as Lumiya, BUT I think this is a great outlet for sharing my experiences. I’d cross-post here, too, of course. It’s been so long since I’ve had this much fun in a game, or TIME to spend playing. To be fair, it’s been a long time since a game has made me WANT to login in and play. With a level 30 bard and level 24 conjurer going white mage, I’ve barely BARELY scratched the surface. Every day I uncover another game mechanic that surprises and delights me, and I’m looking forward to what else Eorzea has in store for me and seeing how my character will continue to develop.

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