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Posted by Toque in on 02 20th, 2011

The time suck that is World of Warcraft is where I have most consistently spent the most of my MMORPG gaming time, from January 2005 until very recently in February 2011. I would have pre-ordered and started WoW on day 1, but I had pre-ordered EverQuest2 instead, and played EQ2 when it released the same month as WoW for nearly 2 months before I made the switch to World of Warcraft. Over the past 6 years, I’ve taken many breaks from the game, but never for too long. I’ve also been known to play other games during those breaks and/or play other games alongside WoW, including Guild Wars and SWG.

There are A LOT of screenshots in my World of Warcraft section. I’ve tried to organize them a bit further as some galleries are quite large; click on a category below.

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FFXIV Online: A Realm Reborn Character

Lumiya Spellsong, Lalafell White Mage and Scholar / Summoner on Brynhildr [MOG Knights]

Old WoW Characters

Amoodala, Tauren Monk on the Emerald Dream US realm. Horde main, Mistweaver spec. Guilded with After Hours.

Amoothyst, Tauren Druid on the Emerald Dream US realm. Resto main, Balance secondary. Guild: Bloodscourge Pillagers.

Lumiya, Blood elf Hunter on the Emerald Dream US realm.