Star Wars Galaxies

Posted by Toque in on 02 20th, 2011

Oh, Star Wars Galaxies, how I loved thee. I picked up SWG at the end of 2003 and fell in love. It was technically my first MMO, or at least the first one I spent any real time in. Being a big Star Wars fan, this was a natural fit. I played as Amethyst Moonshadow, the Official Pink Rodian of the Flurry galaxy, for several years and went back to SWG a few times even after the NGE completely ruined the game for me and all of my guildmates and friends. I hope SW:ToR brings this gaming universe back to me. Rodian for life!

Amethyst Moonshadow

Guild and Group Stuff

Decorating – The Drunken Gungan Cantina

Decorating – Guild Hall Home


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