Guild Wars 2

Posted by Toque in on 09 29th, 2012

Because I had played the original Guild Wars back in late 2005 – early 2006, I’d been following the progress of Guild Wars 2 over the years hoping for great things. The wait was worth it! I jumped in during the pre-launch and instantly fell in love with the game. I even managed to join back up with my old guild from the first Guild Wars, which has made the experience of immersing myself back into the land of Tyria that much more fun.

Lumryia – asura ranger of [GEN] on Sorrow’s Furnace

Guild Wars 2 Landscapes (Settings not turned all the way up. I’ll re-take at some point!)


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FFXIV Online: A Realm Reborn Character

Lumiya Spellsong, Lalafell White Mage and Scholar / Summoner on Brynhildr [MOG Knights]

Old WoW Characters

Amoodala, Tauren Monk on the Emerald Dream US realm. Horde main, Mistweaver spec. Guilded with After Hours.

Amoothyst, Tauren Druid on the Emerald Dream US realm. Resto main, Balance secondary. Guild: Bloodscourge Pillagers.

Lumiya, Blood elf Hunter on the Emerald Dream US realm.