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Who are you, and what is your relationship to gaming?
My name is Toque/geeksoap and I’m a teacher originally from Indiana. I lived in Canada for three years, and now I’m back in the states living happily ever after with my husband and our two children. I love MMORPGs on my PC and Playstation 4. I also love all Nintendo systems. I had played World of Warcraft for seven years (off and on with breaks here and there in my free time), and I used to write articles and guides about WoW for fun and profit for a company called Mentor Media/38 Studios, who launched The Azeroth Advisor.  My previous gaming experience includes Rift, Aion, Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2, EverQuest II, and Star Wars Galaxies, to name a few. Other things I enjoy in my spare time include knitting and geeky soapmaking, so believe it or not, there is more to me than gaming!

NOTE: I am currently making and selling geeky soap in my free time when I’m not gaming over at GEEKSOAP!

What official “jobs” did you do in relationship to WoW or gaming in general?
I was previously a writer and Content Editor for the Azeroth Advisor, where I was paid by 38 Studios (formerly Mentor Media) for my article contributions. That was something I was doing on the side in my spare time when I was actively playing World of Warcraft. Now I just blog here and write personal interest articles about the various games I play for my website. And lurk on gaming forums.

Have you made any WoW or other gaming videos?
Why yes, thanks for asking! I have authored a few WoW videos posted to my YouTube page; the most popular one being my method of getting to the hidden, dancing troll village between Darkshore and Moonglade officially known as Shatterspear Village. (Which is obsolete now that the village is accessible freely after the Cataclysm.) Before WotLK went live, I had posted a few beta clips while exploring Northrend, too. Another popular video of mine is the investigation I did into Challe’s Home for Little Tykes… a hidden, secret orphanage in Outland where rumors persist that the matron, Challe, is a cannibal!

I’ve not done many other gaming videos since the “old days” but I have started dabbling in streaming my noob self on FFXIV: ARR on Twitch. My username is geeksoap if you want to follow; I don’t do anything amazing, I’m just questing my way through Eorzea as a new FF player on my first console MMORPG.

What other PC games have you played?
As mentioned, I’ve played WoW off and on for seven years. I also played Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided since 2003, plus dabbled in EverQuest II and spent a fair amount of time in Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. I also played Rift and AION briefly. I’ve tried many other MMORPGs in the past, but those are the couple that I’ve spent the most time on. I’ve beta tested a lot of games, too. These days I’m trying MMORPGs on a console and have started playing Final Fantasy 14 Online: A Realm Reborn on my Playstation 4.

Weren’t there originally forums on your site?
I used to have forums, yes. Back in 2006-2007. The forums were originally suggested by a couple of readers and I tried that idea out, but found that most of my communication was happening over email instead. I also found that I was getting a lot of the same questions, so I switched to an FAQ setup to try and answer some of those common questions.

What’s up with your screenshot gallery?!
My old screenshot gallery (still accessible at /gallery) was Flash-based and a huge pain for a lot of people with outdated browsers. I promised a long time ago that I would put together a non-Flash version of my gallery, and I have finally built my photo gallery right into the blog & updated it as of Feb 2011. Now just click the Photos button across the top of the site or click on the Photo Gallery link in the right navigational menu of the site to check it out! No more Flash requirements necessary. You may find outdated links to the old gallery still lingering around my site; I’ve tried my best to change them all, but if you notice one please let me know so I can fix it! Enjoy :)

What is a toque and why is it your name? In Spanish it means blah blah, in Dutch it means blah blah…
A toque (Canadian variant, english spelling) is a woolen winter hat. French Canadians spell it “tuque” and it is my gaming alias because it’s my favorite word of all time. It also makes for a great character name. The reason for “pinktoque” is because pink is my favorite color. You can read more about the word toque on Wikipedia. While Toque was the name of my old main character, I am often known as some form or variation of Amethyst or Lumiya across other games. Even though I use other in-game names, Toque is still my official alias related to gaming.

Were you the Toque mentioned on the World of Warcraft front page?
Yes, I have been featured on the front page twice now. The first time was for the WoW Fitness Program and the second time was for my guide on the Hallow’s End in-game seasonal event… both original articles posted here on my website. You will find both articles also listed permanently in the Community section of the WoW site now, too. The Hallow’s End guide also received a front page mention on the WoW Stratics website, and they were given permission to add it to their guide section. As you’ve probably noticed, some of my articles are a bit outdated since the game(s) have evolved so much over the years.

What are all of your characters’ names and what servers do/did you play on?
Good question. I’ve got several aliases across my favorite and most regularly played games.

Currently I’m actively playing Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PS4. My main character is Lumiya Spellsong, a Lalafell archer (bard) on the Brynhildr world.

My World of Warcraft account is currently inactive, BUT my main characters were Amoothyst (a tauren Druid) and Amoodala (a tauren Monk), both on the RP/PvP Emerald Dream (US) realm. My alt was Lumiya, a blood elf Hunter also on Emerald Dream. FOR THE HORDE!

WoW History:
As Alliance I was originally from the Silvermoon realm, but then transferred my old main, Minty (who became Toque), and my favorite alts to the Medivh realm to play with a friend when I wasn’t busy on Emerald Dream with my Horde. My Alliance characters, including the “famous” pink-pigtailed gnome named Toque and my original Hunter from day 1 in WoW are still around; I haven’t played Toque in years, but my Hunter has been moved to Emerald Dream Horde-side so that I can continue her adventures, and I have Tuque the blood elf warlock in my gnome warlock’s place.

I’m not currently active in Guild Wars 2. When I was playing, you could’ve found me on the Sorrow’s Furnace server as Lumryia (Ranger) or Llumyria (Guardian) guilded with my old guild from the original Guild Wars, Ultimate Genesis [GEN]. It’s probably no surprise that all of my characters are little asuras… they’re so cute, like gnomes!

My characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic were Amethyst, Ame’thyst, and A’methyst… Imperial zabraks on the Port Nowhere shard, guilded with the Durmanhoth Clan. I haven’t played TOR in awhile, but now that it’s free-to-play I occasionally dabble.

In Star Wars Galaxies I played on the Flurry galaxy as Amethyst Moonshadow, the Official Pink Rodian of Flurry since January 2004, even though I actually began playing SWG in late 2003 on Shadowfire first… Flurry was always my true SWG home. In addition to Amethyst, there were also all of her alts Ame’thyst, A’methyst, and Ameth’yst. All were identical pink Rodians. Rodian for Life! I sure miss SWG.

Do you have any other websites?
Making and maintaining websites is another hobby of mine. I’m a crafty girl and have designed a line of geeky soaps I call GEEKSOAP, which you can check out over at http://www.geeksoap.net. I also sell crochet Cthulhu accessories that I make in The Pink Toque Shop. Family stuff can be found at thekarpiuks.com. (I keep busy.)

How can I contact you?
Please check the contact page for a wide variety of ways to contact me. I’d love to hear from you, and constructive criticism is always welcome. Many thanks to all of the very kind people out there who have contacted me over the past eight plus years with wonderful feedback and comments. <3


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Amoodala, Tauren Monk on the Emerald Dream US realm. Horde main, Mistweaver spec. Guilded with After Hours.

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