SWTOR: My Saga has Begun

Posted by Toque in star wars: the old republic on 12 16th, 2011

I got a pretty sweet birthday gift from Bioware this week; my early access invite to Star Wars: The Old Republic! WOOHOO!

What I’m excited about is how even though I was in the beta, I didn’t get a lot of time to do anything except check out Character Creation and the basics, so I’m letting the game do its thing and taking it all in on my first main character as a noob. It’s refreshing to be in a new (but still somewhat familiar) world and immerse myself in the story. I love all of the cut scenes and storyline sequences because it makes the game feel more real; all of the choices I have to make along the way helps shape my story and for the first time since SWG, I feel like the quests are an important part of my storyline, and they’re actually engaging so far. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but in the Star Wars universe, and with other players to interact with.

But let’s be honest – with a 5.5 month old, a full time job, and my small geeky soapmaking business on the side, my game time will be limited. The last couple of nights I’ve logged in after the baby has gone to bed, but because I get up so early, I only play for an hour or two before going to bed myself. There will be a lot of sneaking time in when I can and little windows of gaming opportunity, but I’ve accepted that I won’t be playing as much as I used to, and thus not leveling as quickly as most of my guildmates. But that’s ok – I’m back in a Star Wars game with old SWG friends, which makes me happy.

Speaking of guildmates, here are the particulars. As a nod to my old SWG pink Rodian character from Flurry, my SWTOR character is named Amethyst. She’s a zabrak Sith Inquisitor on the Port Nowhere shard, guilded with some of SWG-Flurry and the Emperor’s finest Imperials… the Durmanhoth Clan. I also have the alts Ame’thyst (Bounty Hunter) and A’methyst (Imperial Agent), who are also Imperials in DC. Be sure to say hi if you see me online!

Hope to see you in-game! :)

SW:TOR – Join The Empire!

Posted by Toque in star wars: the old republic on 08 24th, 2011

Piggybacking on my previous farewell to SWG post, like most people, I’ve been following and anticipating Star Wars: The Old Republic with my old SWG guildmates for going on three years now. With its beta upon us, some of those old Warriors of Justice guildies are reforming, but this time for the Empire instead.

Back in the day, Amethyst the pink Rodian was born on Flurry and initially followed the path of the Empire. However, shortly after meeting Darth Vader and completing the Imperial Theme Park, she met up with some amazing people in WoJ, and they encouraged her to go Rebel so that she could join their guild. WoJ became her home and many of its members became more than guildmates – they also became friends. Friends who even attended my real life wedding in 2008. Many of us have kept in touch over the years since leaving SWG, and recently some of the old veteran members that built WoJ from the ground up have banded together and have decided to play for the Empire this time around. We joined up with a former “foe” from back in our SWG days, The Durmanhoth Clan, a Sith SW:TOR guild. It’ll be refreshing to play the other side this time around, and Amethyst will get to go back to her Imperial roots. There’s no better clan of imps to join. DC was our big rival back in the day on Flurry, and were an impressive force to be reckoned with. Though we were on opposite sides back then, I had mad respect for DC, and my entertainer even played at the Overlord and Dark Queen’s wedding ceremony, a huge in-game event. Now we’ll smash the rebellion together.

Anyway, I am still on maternity leave these days, though I could make a pretty good argument for my newborn being MORE than a full-time job! I don’t have a lot of time for gaming right now, but am still gearing up to have fun with my old SWG buddies in SW:TOR when I can. If you’re interested in joining a top notch group of great people, check out The Durmanhoth Clan.

Hope to see you in SW:TOR. For the Empire!


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