And the Winner of GW2 Karma Soap is…

Posted by Toque in news on 03 7th, 2013

And the winner is … Lindsay!

Congratulations to Lindsay on winning the Guild Wars 2 Karma Soap giveaway via! (Lindsay, check your email – I’ve requested your mailing address so I can ship out your soaps ASAP!) Thanks to all who entered, and if you didn’t win, stay turned… I’ll have another contest for my fellow World of Warcraft players coming soon.

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Back with a Guild Wars 2 Contest!

Posted by Toque in guild wars 2, news on 03 3rd, 2013

I realize I post pretty sporadically, (and usually start each post off apologizing for how long it’s been since my last post) but I’m back and I’m gaming, and I want to celebrate by giving YOU, my readers, something awesome.

Did you know in my spare time I make geektastic soap for my small geeky soapmaking business called GEEKSOAP? That’s where I end up disappearing to when I seem to randomly drop off the face of Azeroth or Tyria… I’m off making tons of soap to keep up with online orders! BUT I couldn’t stay away from gaming any longer AND I’m still designing and hand crafting more nerdy new soaps all the time, so I thought I’d share the love with all of you.

Love Guild Wars 2? You can win a set of THREE bars of Karma Soap from! That’s right… I’ve crafted some fantastic soap out of my love for GW2 and now I want to give it away to other fans.


Use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter the contest! Contest ends at 12am EST on 3/7/2013, so you’ve got a few days to enter. Tweeting about the contest, liking GEEKSOAP on Facebook, and following GEEKSOAP on Twitter will get you the most entries. And get this… you can tweet once each day for extra entries, too. So what are you waiting for?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to residents in the U.S. only. Good luck to everyone!

(And don’t worry, WoW players… I’m back in Azeroth again and have something to give away to the Warcraft fans soon, too!)

So Long, Star Wars Galaxies

Posted by Toque in news, star wars galaxies on 06 24th, 2011
Amethyst Moonshadow of Flurry

Amethyst Moonshadow of Flurry

I haven’t actively played SWG in years.

It was my first MMO, back in late 2003. I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, and when I realized I could play a character in the Star Wars universe with thousands of other people… well, it was a dream come true. My very first character ever was a human in the Shadowfire galaxy that I played until January 2004, when I switched to my true calling and what I considered my true SWG home… a Rodian in the Flurry galaxy. Amethyst Moonshadow was the Official Pink Rodian of Flurry since January 2004, and I loved her (and all of her identical alts) very much. Understandable; you never forget your first MMO love. I left with a lot of my friends after the NGE fiasco and haven’t returned to play seriously since; it’s been at least a year since I’ve poked around in-game just temporarily, and even though I haven’t actively played for years, I was truly saddened to receive the following email today:

Dear Star Wars Galaxies™ Community Member,

We write to you today to inform you that on December 15, 2011, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and LucasArts will end all services (MMO and Trading Card Game) for Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). The shutdown of SWG is a very difficult decision, but SOE and LucasArts have mutually agreed that the end of 2011 is the appropriate time to end the game.

We are extremely grateful to all of the SWG fans. We have had the rare opportunity to host one of the most dedicated and passionate online gaming communities and we truly appreciate the support we’ve received from each and every one of you over the course of the past eight years.

In recognition of your incredible loyalty, we are extending special Fan Appreciation offers to the current SWG community. We also plan to go out with a bang with a galaxy-ending in-game event in December and hope to see you all there. The details relating to these offers and events as well as the timeline and specifics regarding the discontinuation of the service, are provided below.

Again, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our player community for making SWG one of the best online communities in gaming history.

Sony Online Entertainment & LucasArts

Why should I care, really, when I haven’t played in so long? I keep asking myself this, but it doesn’t change the heavy heart feeling I have over the news. It makes me sad. There are so many memories wrapped up in that MMO. Lots of good friendships were made – hell, one of my dear WoJ guildmates attended my wedding in 2008! I met a lot of incredible people in the Flurry galaxy, and have kept in touch with several of them over the years. Some of us have even played in other games together since; a tribute to how strong the bond in SWG was. Some of my fondest memories are reignited when I log in and see some of the personalized items, like a Christmas fruitcake or a bio-engineered Woolamander, that sit in my cantina, named especially as a gift from some of those incredible people I was fortunate enough to meet through SWG years ago.

The Official Pink Rodian of Flurry since 2004

The Official Pink Rodian of Flurry since 2004

While you always knew it wouldn’t possibly last forever, RIP Star Wars Galaxies. You died in my eyes with the NGE, but held on for so long and still drew me in nostalgically from time to time because of the unique experience your MMO had to offer. I have yearned for an MMO that had what you had for years, and nothing so far has ever been quite the same or quite able to measure up. The intricate crafting system, the player housing system, the player cities and politics, the social aspects such as having cantinas and a dedicated entertainer/social class… those features made SWG robust and gave players so much more to do than engage in combat all the time to get ahead… something I have not been able to find done as well in any other game since. It truly felt like an open-ended world with limitless possibilities, a true “sandbox” of a game, if you will. Jump into a dungeon, fly in space, find some PvP action, explore various planets, craft, decorate your house, quest for collectibles, set up a shop and sell your wares, sit around in a cantina all day conversing with others and listening to their galactic tales… yup, SWG, you will be missed.

Massively did an exclusive interview with John Smedley, president of SOE, on the end of SWG. I think my favorite part of the interview is that John openly admits the NGE was a mistake and apologizes for it. Not that it matters now, but it was nice to read, because back when the NGE took place no one at SOE was man enough to admit that it was a mistake. The end of SWG is being referred to as its “sunset” and there are some things planned (like an in-game event) for SWG’s sunset that culminates on December 15, 2011.

With that news said, SWTOR is coming… I’m hoping Flurry will be able to rally somewhere together. There have been a few “official Flurry gathering” threads on the SWTOR forums – the first reached its 1k post limit, so a second one was started. Flurrians have been checking in and discussing SWTOR there, so the optimist in me is hoping we can organize where to go together as a galaxy when the game goes live. There are so many old names I recognize in that thread, and I’d sure like to live on in the Star Wars universe (as a Rodian, of course) with some old faces from SWG in SWTOR. We’ll see!

geekling due soon!

geekling due soon!

As for me, well, as mentioned in my most recent post(s), I’m about to be a first time mom. In fact, we’re due in 4 days. My gaming time has pretty much ceased to exist at this point, even my geeky soap shop is in “maternity mode” for awhile; I do plan to re-sub in SWG in order to be in good standing by September 15. Why September 15? All those who have an active subscription by September 15 will get to play the final months of SWG for free until the plug is pulled on December 15. I’d like to be able to attend the in-game event with other old-timers and putz around with them for free when I do have a spare moment, without a formal commitment. My play time of course will be limited with a newborn and I most likely won’t spend tons of time in-game, but I’d love to see the game off for the last time and hope some old friends join me that final week at the sunset event.

While you can head over to my Star Wars Galaxies photo gallery and see them all, here are a few images of me as Amethyst Moonshadow taken over the years, just for fun.

So long, SWG, you’ll always be my first MMO love.

Amethyst Moonshadow, the Official Pink Rodian of Flurry



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