New AION Screenshots and /1 Help

Posted by Toque in aion, blog on 09 30th, 2009

I’ve added some real beauties to my AION screenshot section in my Gallery … be sure to check them out! You won’t be disappointed.

Also, Noroia is not standing in the middle of Altgard; as the quest says, she is in the Altgard Dungeons, which are located below Altgard. This is why she appears to be standing in the center of town when you use the locate feature to find her — she is actually underneath you. To reach her, go to the west gate of Altgard and follow the little stone path north along the wall around behind the buildings. You’ll see a little entrance that will take you down below into the dungeons.

For Scout It Out, you need to find and pick up the documents on the table inside the house. If you’re looking for the Escort Wagon and you can target it but can’t attack it, change channels and try again.

Speaking of changing channels to fix problems with quests, you’ll also want to do that with the incense burner one where you summon the monster at the shrine if you can’t click on the urn to activate the incense.

I figure since I write this information out 4949534947 times in general chat each day I’d post it here, too. Not that anyone will read it, but… you know. Just sayin’.

Smooth AION Launch, GG NCsoft!

Posted by Toque in aion, blog on 09 23rd, 2009

Wow. I guess the fact that I haven’t had time to update here should be indicative of how amazing Aion and its launch has been.

At 3pm EST on Sunday afternoon the servers went live for Head Start, the 2 day head start access that pre-orders were granted. The servers basically just switched on as planned on Sunday, and even with as many people who hammered the servers all at once, clamoring to get in, I had zero trouble logging right in, accessing my server, and launching into the world of Atreia right on schedule. It was … well, let’s say crowded those first few hours, but it was exciting and amazingly smooth for an MMO launch.  No downtime, no disconnects… I simply played for hours on end from the moment the servers launched until I was too tired to go on. Congratulations for the smoothest MMO launch I’ve ever experienced, NCsoft.  The game went live for the rest of the world on Tuesday, and that went off without a hitch as well. There have been some big queues to get into the game during prime time for some, but as I understand it, NCsoft has capped the servers at lower than the maximum capacity temporarily to help distribute the population more evenly as they ease into the full load. It really has been a successful launch, though.

My main character is Toque, an Asmodian Cleric on the Lumiel server. She of course has pink pigtails; a shout out to my original Toque, the pink pigtailed gnome Warlock in WoW that I had that was the “face” to go with the Toque gaming nickname that originally inspired this site in the first place. The world of Atreia is large and there’s so much to take in; scenery is gorgeous, crafting is thankfully more challenging and even risky at times, and I’ve found myself getting lost in the sheer overwhelming aspects of a completely new game. New worlds, new lore, new stories, and new mechanics to explore. Crafting is pretty time consuming, and I can spend hours just gathering various materials and aether. You get small amounts of xp for gathering and crafting, so I don’t feel like I’ve completely neglected leveling when I go on a crafting or gathering binge, but I’m definitely leveling a bit slower than some of my legion mates. I just don’t feel the need to rush; in beta I only leveled a couple characters just past ascension at level 10 so that I could get a feel for the classes and basic combat mechanics. I hit level 10 the first day of Head Start on Toque because I knew the starter area well, but from then on the rest has been all new and I just don’t want to miss anything.  There’s plenty of time to level up, so I figure I’ll enjoy myself more if I absorb it all as I go, at my own pace, instead of trying to rush through it or keep up with others. It’s hard not to keep pushing to level because I’m so psyched about PvP in the Abyss starting at level 25.  I know I’ll suck at it, but I’ll sure have fun dying while I try… and having fun is all that matters.

Be sure to check out the new pictures I’ve put in my Screenshot Gallery. Go to Main Menu -> Aion -> Toque – Asmodian Cleric to check it out; I’ll be adding more as Toque progresses.

One thing I’m trying to get the hang of is gliding. In Aion you can fly for limited amounts of time based on your level and the type of wings you have. You can only full-on fly in fly zones, but in no-fly zones you’re able to spread your wings and glide for a short time. Gliding is handy if you can get the hang of it and use it effectively. If you jump just right and are able to gain speed and catch drifts just right, you can really save a lot of time and cover a lot of ground quickly by gliding. I’m far from there, but practicing is a lot of fun. It all boils down to coordination, and I laugh trying to imagine me managing an epic PvP battle and flying (and managing to get down/land somewhere safely so I don’t plummet to my death when my flight timer runs out) at the same time. Coordination. I’m doing it wrong.

All in all, I’m really happy with Aion. The game is beautiful, the Lumiel community is really great, and I’m enjoying every little detail that I’m soaking up like a sponge in my character’s infancy. It’s like starting out with my first MMO ever; not knowing it all and not being sure of myself or my surroundings and having to learn is really refreshing. Cheers to Aion and to enjoying the ride. See you in game! :)

Can’t Talk Now…

Posted by Toque in aion on 09 11th, 2009

Can’t talk now, Aion beta. kthx.

(Ok, so planning on a Cleric main @ release, Asmodian side, Lumiel (EST) server. Will likely make an Elyos mirror on Siel, but my main will be my Asmodian. I’m enjoying beta lots, spending a lot of time getting to know the crafting system and figuring out other mechanics and details and not spending much time on leveling… want to save some excitement for live! Putting some screenies in the gallery; both Asmodian and Elyos. Enjoy, my pretties… and have fun playing around in the last day and a half of beta! See you after official character creation Pre-Select with more photos and details in time for release.)


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