Yes, I’m Still Obsessed With Guild Wars 2

lumryia guild wars 2 ranger asuraA few weeks in, I’m still madly in love with Guild Wars 2.

I first rolled a guardian. I really enjoy the combat mechanics that allow me to equip a wide variety of weapons that provide me the opportunity to play ranged or melee depending on the situation or my group composition. Being able to wield a staff that pelts my foe with spells and then switch to a deadly two-handed sword to strike the killing blows in close proximity keeps combat exciting! My guardian is a good fit for me.

Just for fun I started up a ranger, too. I’ve always been drawn to the pet classes; my original WoW character was a hunter, and then my main became a warlock… both different variations on a pet class. To see what the ranger class in Guild Wars 2 was all about, I rolled another asura.

This is yet another reason why Guild Wars 2 has done it all right… you’d think by rolling another character of the same class with the same starting location means that I’d be re-grinding the same boring storyline. That’s how it works in all of the other MMOs I’ve played. You roll a gnome, you start in this zone A, and if you roll an elf, you start in zone B. The quests are the exact same in the respective starting zones, and unless you go to another race’s starting zone, your story is identical to every other character that you’ve created of that race.

While the zone is the same and the mobs there that I kill assist the same locals in Guild Wars 2, (And let’s remember that the “hearts” peppered throughout a zone are not your typical quest givers!) my character’s storyline is completely different because of the choices I made in character creation AND the decisions I make as my story progresses. Do I ambush the Inquest who stole my invention on the road while they’re en route, or do I confront them later at the lab? The choice is up to me, like an old school Choose Your Own Adventure book, giving lots more playability to the typical MMO starter quest model. Yes I’m still fighting the Inquest in Metrica Province if I roll an asura, but because my story isn’t the same, leveling two asuras is not a tedious process and I get the opportunity to see a zone from different points of view.

Anyway, I am really enjoying my ranger, Lumryia. I also like that I can charm all kinds of different creatures and switch up which ones I want to use on the fly. (In combat, even!) I can also have pets specifically for underwater combat, so sharks and armored fish are viable companions. As I’ve previously noted about Guild Wars 2, it’s the little details that the developers have worked into the game play mechanics that are really smart; my pets don’t *die*, but instead come limping back to me when their health bar is depleted. I can then switch pets while in combat, bringing in another of my tamed companions to take over at full health. If my snow leopard Japegrin is defeated and I’m still surrounded by mobs, it doesn’t guarantee certain death… I just whistle for my polar bear Iorek, and Jape is stowed so he can heal while Iorek takes his place in the heat of battle.

Dear Guild Wars 2: I’m here to stay. Love, me.

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