Guild Wars 2: Ranger is the Profession for Me

When I started Guild Wars 2 my biggest problem was deciding which class (profession) to play as my main.

I’ve played healer classes most recently. My tauren druid in Warcraft was one of my most favorite characters ever! I loved stacking heals over time. But I wasn’t always a healer type: I originally played pet classes (hunter and warlock) for several years before my druid. With the absence of a true healer class in Guild Wars 2, (since every profession has some kind of healing support) I went back to my pet class roots when I rolled my ranger. Be sure to read my previous post about rolling that ranger, also asura, to see why rolling another character of the same race was not a tedious process even though it was the same starting zone. And seriously, did you SEE how pink she is?!

I still really enjoy the guardian that I rolled and played initially, but I realized that ranger was decidedly THE profession for me after switching back to my guardian for a little bit last night and realizing that I missed my ranger pets. Lame, right? I felt lonely when playing my guardian! I took that as the sign I needed to help me finally decide that ranger is the main class for me in Guild Wars 2. And she’s already out-leveled my guardian and engineer by a mile. She’s just that fun.

This weekend I updated my Photo Gallery to include a new section for Guild Wars 2 screenshots. I’ve got a few photos of my little asura ranger, Lumryia, and a couple of scenic shots. I hope to add more over time as I play; the landscape is just so breathtaking sometimes. By far my most favorite zones are the snowy ones, with soft snow falling and blowing all around me. I actually feel cold if I have the volume turned up so that I hear the whistling of the frigid in-game wind! It’s a lovely experience.

Speaking of a lovely experience, check out this review for Guild Wars 2 over on Kotaku. It’s really well written, and touches on the beauty of the in-game map and the whole map experience of Guild Wars 2. Kotaku also thinks you should play this game, by the way.

Hope to see you in-game! If you’re playing, (Have I mentioned yet that you should play this game?) be sure to say hello to me on Sorrow’s Furnace as Lumryia. You can also friend me as geeksoap on Raptr!

Also… if GW2 soap were to be made… what would karma smell like? :) I’d love your suggestions as I brainstorm my next soaptastic creation and nod to GW2 over at

See you next time!

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