Are you playing Guild Wars 2?

If so, you’ll find me on Sorrow’s Furnace as Lumryia (Ranger) or Llumyria (Guardian). Asura, of course. (Like you guys didn’t see that race choice coming.) More info coming soon!

  Llumyria - Guild Wars 2  

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I'm Toque, (aka @geeksoap) and I'm a gamer girl. This is where I've been blogging about the game(s) I play and sharing screenshots and gaming articles I've written since 2006.

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WoW Characters

Amoodala, Tauren Monk on the Emerald Dream US realm. Horde main, Mistweaver spec. Guilded with After Hours.

Amoothyst, Tauren Druid on the Emerald Dream US realm. Resto main, Balance secondary. Guild: Bloodscourge Pillagers.

Lumiya, Blood elf Hunter on the Emerald Dream US realm.

Guild Wars 2 Characters

Lumryia, asura ranger on Sorrow's Furnace. Guilded with Ultimate Genesis [GEN]. Account currently inactive.

Llumyria, asura guardian on Sorrow's Furnace. Also in [GEN], but account currently inactive.