Draenei Mage Level 10 Quest Guide

So you just hit level 10 as a young draenei mage. Now what? Time for your first class-specific quest, of course! Mage, just like any other class, has a special quest at 10 that usually rewards in some way with special class-only gear or important class-specific spells. For the mage, it’s a choice between a nice staff upgrade (the Ley Staff) or an off-hand item (the Ley Orb). You’re probably thinking, “Enough talking about it, Toque, how do I get started??!”, so here we go.

No doubt that by now you’ve met and trained a time or two with the mage trainer at Azure Watch, the second “town” (camp) of the draenei starting area. Just in case, you’ll find the mage trainer, Semid, on the northeast corner of Azure Watch standing alone under a little tent. The tent is the closest tent on the east side of the road that leads north out of Azure Watch. Around level 8, you probably noticed the grey exclamation point above Semid’s head, an indication that you’d soon have a quest to do. Now that you’re level 10, be sure to speak with him, as he has an important task for you to undertake and is willing to reward quite handsomely with gear upgrades. At level 10, he will give you the quest called “Control.”

Semid is concerned about a Quel’Dorei Magewraith in the area, specifically found on the beaches of the northwest coast of Azuremyst Isle amongst the murloc tribe there. He wants you to go to the murloc camps of Silting Shore and kill them with your in order to summon the magewraith. Once you’ve killed enough murlocs with your mage spells, she will appear. You are then to destroy the magewraith to prove your worth to Semid and the mage trainers of the Exodar. Once the task is complete, you’ll seek out Bati at the Vault of Lights in the Exodar for your reward.

Head out of Azure Watch on the road leading north, and once you’ve reached Stillpine Hold, you’re going to take a left off the beaten path and head towards the western shoreline. It won’t take long before you see the murloc huts. Start clearing the hut areas of murlocs one by one, but be on the lookout for the Quel’Dorei Magewraith to appear so she doesn’t interfere with your murloc mobs and cause you to have too many adds at once. You’ll know she is about to appear because you’ll see the words, “Who dares wield magic in my presence?”, appear in your chat box. Check where your last murloc died and a ghostly pale night elf will have appeared as if out of thin air. As long as you’re out of range, you can finish what you’re killing or buff up before you engage her to start the fight. The magewraith is level 10, so not too difficult for a seasoned mage such as yourself to overcome. No melee combat here – she will pelt you from a distance with spells, so focus on taking her down with your high-damage spells as quickly as possible. Don’t forget your Gift of the Naaru spell to ensure you keep the upperhand.

Once you have overcome the magewraith, it’s time to find Bati in the Vault of Lights at the Exodar. Bati is a mage trainer standing in the Hall of Mystics off to the left after you’ve entered the Vault of Lights section. This quest conveniently sends you to Bati so that you are familiar with the location of the mage trainers in the Exodar for future reference. Bati will be happy to see you, and offer you a choice between a Ley Staff and a Ley Orb as your reward. Both are mage-class specific only and are a significant upgrade for most. If you’re only using staves at this point, the Ley Staff is very nice with its 8.8DPS and +2 to both intellect and stamina stats. If you’ve decided you will be a dagger or one-handed sword wielding type mage with off-hand items instead, choose the Ley Orb to hold in your off-hand. It only has +1 spirit, but its use allows you to quickly restore 140-180 mana on the fly when needed, permitting that it’s not on its cooldown.

Welcome to the double digits, draenei mage! No doubt there’s much greatness in you to come, and now you’ve achieved the rite of passage and are geared for the levels to come. Best of luck in your adventures in Azeroth.

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