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Mukluk the murloc has been trying hard to communicate with the rest of the world. The problem is that the rest of the world speaks common (a.k.a. english) while she speaks murloc. Mukluk has her very own murloc blog, but was tired of not being able share her thoughts and musings with all of the english-speakers that happened by her site. There aren’t hundreds of literate murlocs on the Internet yet, you know. Mukluk shared with me her language barrier problem, and I decided to do something about it.

Somewhat recently, attempts have been made at cracking the secrets of the murloc language to make communication between humans and murlocs possible, however, even the most successful of those previous attempts have had some algorithm and dialect flaws which caused mistranslation, misunderstanding, and much confusion. While the diligent work on the part of the past group of translation scientists and the dialect of the murloc language they were studying has been helpful, there were still too many things that were keeping us from having clear and error-free translation. The lines of communication were broken open by those past engineers, and thanks to them along with my 315 in Gnomish Engineering, I have been able to completely unlock the Murloc language for the rest of the world and guarantee 100% accuracy in my patented murloc translation process.

Together with Mukluk, our now resident murloc and language expert, we are releasing The Murloc Metamorphoser, version 0.1, the first and only 100% accurate murloc translator. No databases, no gimmicks. Just crystal clear, completely reversible murloc translation.

To show you what I mean, here is a sample from Mukluk’s blog. When using the old translator dialect algorithm, this is how the murloc-to-english translated paragraph read:

“Zuulia I lot son Kalimdor I decided glop toutes in and muo’l my Uncle Gelihast in Blackfathom Deeps since I jackhole sex him since good hortus gut. PORN doing well.”

Notice that this translation is full of glitches and doesn’t make any sense after being translated into english. In some parts, it’s impossible to ascertain what Mukluk really meant or was actually saying, causing some raised eyebrows due to the differences in dialect being translated.

Now here is the same sample text translated into english with the new Murloc Metamorphoser:

“While I was on Kalimdor I decided to swing in and visit my Uncle Gelihast in Blackfathom Deeps since I haven’t seen him since last winter’s veil. He’s doing well.”

The translation is perfect! There’s no deviation from the original meaning and no mistranslations whatsoever. The meaning comes across exact with no inaccuracies, as verified by Mukluk and our panel of murloc experts.

So what’s Mukluk doing now that she’s got a working translator that allows her to express herself without misunderstanding? Currently she is overhauling her blog site to switch things over to the new translator dialect, and has very near future plans to build the Murloc Metamorphoser directly into her site so that visitors to her blog can translate the entire page from murloc to english or from english to murloc with the simple click of a button. Also, plans to implement the new translation process have been slated for Narkwen of Mannoroth’s MurlocSpeak addon now that there is a translator available that allows much faster and simpler translation back into english without the use or need of a database. Look for the revamped version of the addon to be available on Mukluk’s site soon.

A special thank you to Mukluk and the hard work of the original murloc translator scientists which inspired and made the Murloc Metamorphoser possible. Another special thank you goes to my genius better half, Lucas, who can always turn what I’m thinking into working code. This wouldn’t be possible without you :)

Some stats on the dialect of the Murloc Metamorphoser:

  • This dialect preserves numbers, all punctuation, and spaces
  • The translator allows the use of *stars* around any word or phrase when translating in either direction to keep something from being translated. Anything you put between *stars* in your line will not be parsed. For example, if you put the line, “I am going to *Stranglethorn Vale* tomorrow.” into the translator and did not want “Stranglethorn Vale” to be translated, your use of the stars around the phrase will keep it from being parsed, and your output in murloc would be: “Ll mmgl rluulllurl chuu *Stranglethorn Vale* chuugluulmlmuulg.”

    This will also work when going in reverse if you’d like to preserve a word in murloc. Using the same example line, “Ll mmgl rluulllurl chuu *Stranglethorn Vale* chuugluulmlmuulg.” and translating back to english, we will get the following: “I am going to *Stranglethorn Vale* tomorrow.”

  • This dialect does not mistranslate or create duplicate words. In the old translator dialect, one of the flaws of the algorithm was that it discarded a significant amount information about each word, and thus created duplicate words (common example: hi and love). The Murloc Metamorphoser does not use the same algorithm, and therefore will not have those errors in translation, however, it is a different dialect, so if you try to insert other dialects of the murloc language into it, it will not translate properly. Every single word put into the translator will have its very own unique translation to murloc using this dialect, which means you will always get the correct word back in english. Every time.
  • The translator will soon spit out an error output if you try to parse invalid (not correctly spelled/wrong dialect) murloc into the translator to translate into English. This will allow the user to realize when they’re making a mistake when trying to translate incorrectly spelled/used murloc text into the translator, and also preserves the translator’s dignity… The translator is 100% accurate (when the user does not make an error and the right spelling and dialect of the murloc language is used), and will soon even be smart enough to catch human users’ errors when attempting to use it incorrectly. Currently the translator just does not output anything if the user inputs incorrect murloc.

The Lore of the Murloc Language

The development of the murloc language has many parallels to our own human, english language evolution. Primitive humans began with grunts while the first murlocs used gutteral, throaty sounds.

For the most recent several thousand years, humans and murlocs have lived within relatively close proximity of each other. While that does not mean they lived without war between them, it was only natural for murlocs to pick up some of the language evolutionary techniques that they observed from their further-along enemies.

The basic idea is that those human grunts evolved into a consistent set of grunts for different words, which naturally developed into an english alphabet with specific grunts or sounds for each letter. The murlocs adopted the same principle when applying the gutteral sounds to eventually form their own alphabet. Due to the throaty sounds that come natural to a murloc, their language still sounds a bit primitive but it’s only because it is foreign to us and should not be viewed as if they are inferior in intelligence. From there it was only a matter of time and effort before an accurate translation between the english and murloc alphabets was derived.

As with the many other cultures across the world, the murloc language has many different dialects. This is the first and only murloc translator whose dialect translates back and forth between English and Murloc with 100% accuracy. Other dialect strains used in previous translators have helped make the communication between the two somewhat comprehensible, but this particular one allows for no miscommunication.

To check out the Murloc Metamorphoser and start translating, click here.

Articles may not be republished elsewhere in whole or in part without permission. Feel free to link directly to this post. ©2005-2008 by Lesley Karpiuk (Toque of

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