WoW Easter Egg Explorations

Call me boring, but in-game, I’m an explorer. I prefer exploring unknown locations or wandering every square inch of playable land I can in a video game to “see it all.” Some days when I log in, I’d much rather “waste time” and try to find something else that I’ve never seen before than participate in the level grind. There’s something incredibly exciting about finding someplace that perhaps few others (keeping in mind that “few” by MMORPG standards could mean a couple million) have ever actually seen in person.

World of Warcraft has quite a plethora of easter egg locations that typically only the bored will ever take the time to see. In tribute to these uncharted areas, (and in some cases, even nameless areas) I present to you my compilation of those little-known locations. Because I realize some of you may never experience these places for yourself, I’ve tried to make my descriptions, screenshots, and instructions as clear and easy-to-follow as possible with the hopes that I’ll inspire you to check them out on your own once you see just how easy they are to get to.

First of all, I’m not going to get into Hyjal and the Caverns of Time in this article. My reason being that there are hundreds of write-ups and videos on how to get to those places without exploits out there already, and technically, just going there is considered a bad idea by GMs. Besides, the most recent patches have made such entry pretty much impossible, and you’ll see them both very shortly with the coming of the Burning Crusade expansion anyway.

Most of these locations involve a lot of swimming and a lot of time. Please remember when swimming that you will need to stick close to the shoreline to avoid fatigue. I also recommend swim speed potions or an azure silk belt, or both. Some locations do not have coordinates that register correctly on coord addons, but if working coordinates are available, I will include them. With each location listed below there will be accompanying maps where applicable and a screenshot or two of the location itself; check out my screenshot gallery under World of Warcraft-> Scenery to see even more pictures of these places. Also note that I used no hacks/exploits to explore any of the locations listed – everything was done completely within the game’s mechanics and everything is accessible by the average person in the game as of the time of this writing. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get on with the show.

Newman's LandingNewman’s Landing
Location: Along the western coast of Dun Morogh, between the Wetlands and Westfall at 41,59.

Description: Newman’s Landing is a mysterious, rickety old building that’s nestled between some impassable mountain terrain along the west coast of Dun Morogh and Stormwind area. The building is empty, and is kept company only by a dock and a small, sunken rowboat. There’s some broken junk lying about in the grass surrounding the dwelling, and a sign that simply says “Newman’s Landing” that reveals the name. There’s nothing more to the place, but the view is pretty. Why it’s there is a mystery, though it has been suggested that “Newman’s Landing” is a play on words of “No Man’s Land” since it truly is out in the middle of nowhere. While swimming to this location along the coast, you’ll zone in and out of Stormwind a time or two.

How to get there: You can either start in the Wetlands and swim south along the coast until you reach Newman’s Landing, or you can swim north from Westfall. When I traveled there, I swam north from Westfall along the coast until I reached the location. Since you cannot see yourself on the normal map once you leave Westfall, you will want to zoom out to the continent map view. Newman’s Landing is located in the big dip into the west side of the Dun Morogh zone, at the base of the letter “S” in “Eastern” (Eastern Kingdoms) and as demonstrated on this map. The coordinates when standing on the dock say 41,59 but I am not sure which map it is referring to; possibly the Dun Morogh one. Click HERE for the Map.

Arathi Dwarven FarmArathi Highlands Dwarven Farm
Location: Strip of land on the far east coast of the Arathi Highlands at coordinates 92,70. (The Forbidding Sea)

Description: This is an interesting location that seems to serve no real purpose, but I still had fun exploring it. There are two farm fields and a small farmhouse and stable between them. It’s along the coast, so there’s also a fairly wide dock on the water. If you look closely, you’ll see cats everywhere; they’re sitting on the front porch of the house, in the stables, on the dock, etc. There are two dwarves on the farm. One walks up and down the path that divides the farm fields and leads to the house. This dwarf will speak to you, (and give you locations much like guards in major cities do if you ask, but he gives you directions to seek out trainers in Ironforge.) while you’ll find the second dwarf snoozing inside the farmhouse. It’s a rather pretty little place and the cats everywhere (there’s also rats running about) struck me as comical… if only the cats were chasing the rats.

How to get there: When I went there, I swam south from the Overlook Cliffs, which are on the east coast shore of the Hinterlands, south past Revantusk Village, and down until I reached the wide, visible patch of land on the far east coast of the Arathi Highlands. Alternatively, you could swim north from the Wetlands until you reached the farm. While swimming along that coast, your location reads “The Forbidding Sea”, and the coordinates are 92,70. Click HERE for the Map.

Elven TowerElven Tower of the Eastern Kingdoms
Location: North above the Eastern Plaguelands at 53,13. (EPL)

Description: This is probably one of my favorite “secret” and useless locations in the game. Above the Plaguelands, you’ll find a small patch of land that has a dock much like those you wait on for ships to take you back and forth between the continents. There’s also a broken pillar and a tall Elven tower on the piece of land as well. All of the decor, including the style of the dock, pillar, and tower, are all of Darnassian/Elven design and look like they belong in Darnassus somewhere. It’s very pretty.

How to get there: I started at the Overlook Cliffs on the east coast of the Hinterlands and swam north around the continent. Something funny to take note of as you’re swimming “above” the Plaguelands coming from the direction I described is that you look as though you’re going through the land on your map when you’re swimming along the coast, even though you are clearly swimming in the water and you’re most definitely following the coast in-game. See pic here. Since you cannot see yourself on the normal map once you leave the Hinterlands, you will want to zoom out to the continent map view to check on your progress. While swimming to this location along the coast, you’ll also zone into the Eastern Plaguelands; the patch of land where the tower is located technically reads that it’s in the Eastern Plaguelands zone, at coordinates 53,13. Click HERE for the Map.

Tauren FarmAbandoned Tauren Farm and Cave
Location: Off the coast of the lower south west corner of Kalimdor, by Silithus, coordinates reading 39,95. (Silithus)

Description: A small patch of land with an abandoned Tauren-style farm and hut. Overlooking the farm is a large Tauren-style windmill, and there’s two canoes at the water’s edge. There’s also a cave that has a very unique layout that’s not used or seen elsewhere in the game at the present time.

How to get there: You have two options on how to reach this location. You can either start on the far southern coast of Tanaris where there’s a small break in the mountains that allows you to reach the sea and swim west past Silithus until you reach the south west corner of the continent, or you can swim south along the western coast of Feralas. In my opinion, it takes less time to start in the south west corner of Feralas and swim south along Feralas’ western shore until you reach the south west tip of the continent. While swimming to this location along the coast, you’ll zone in and out of Silithus a time or two. I tried to reach the coast from within the Silithus zone, but alas, I did not find a way over the cliffs down to the sea. The coordinates when standing in front of the hut said that my location was The Veiled Sea at 14,85, however, when I zoomed out to the continent map view, the coordinates said 39,95. It seems that this location is another example of coord addon/game not being able to decide which zone you’re in since it’s uncharted, and so perhaps the second set of coordinates is in reference to the Silithus zone. Click HERE for the Map.

Now, for the unique cave also in the area. To get to the cave if you swam south from Feralas, you’ll need to swim a little further east around the corner a bit from the hut and farm, as if you’re headed towards Tanaris. If you swam here from Tanaris, you should’ve run into the cave just before you hit the south west tip of Kalimdor and the hut. I included a screenshot of my mini map to show the layout of the cave on its map. The coordinates for it say 40,96 and the music playing sounds Silithus-style, so I am assuming those coordinates refer to the Silithus zone. Click HERE for the Map.

Ironforge AirportIronforge Airport
Location: In the mountains north east of Ironforge, between Dun Morogh/Ironforge and the Wetlands, at 19,17.

Description: An unused “airport” with a landing strip, lots of dwarves, a frozen pond with mountaineers and trolls, lots of airplanes, and even a gryphon roost – though you aren’t able to fly anywhere ;)

How to get there: There is a slowfall method that I’ve heard of, but the easiest way for any normal person to get to the airport is by going to the North Gate Pass near Loch Modan at coordinates 19,17 and jumping up a ravine behind a tree that’s immediately north of the North Gate Pass when you exit it out into Loch Modan. The start of the ravine is located at 19,15… see the map here. Once you get up the ravine, you follow around west until you reach the airport. The coordinates (central) of the airstrip is 70,26 and indicated on the map. At the end of the long landing strip you’ll find the gryphon roost at 69,19. The roost is key if you’re interested in visiting another hard-to-reach area: the little dwarven farm above Menethil Harbor, which I explain below. Click HERE for the Map.

Menethil Harbor FarmMenethil Harbor Dwarven Farm
Location: Up in the mountains that separate the Ironforge Airport (see above) and Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands, at coordinates 25,69 if you’re looking at the Wetlands map, or 65,5 if you’re looking at the Dun Morogh map.

Description: This is a quaint little farm… village? It’s more than just one little farmhouse; there’s two small fields where it looks as though grain of some kind is being grown, and several little farmhouse-like buildings are scattered in the area, including two outhouses at the farm land’s furthest western point, and lighted paths lead you from building to building. There are several dwarven farmers, chickens, and ram wandering about. There’s also a little pond in the middle of the strip of land that collects runoff from the snow-covered mountains above, and from the map, it doesn’t appear that this somewhat flat stretch of land even exists, though its length east to west is much greater than it is wide north to south, so perhaps that’s why. From the hills of the farmland you can look down to see Menethil Harbor below or look up and see a beautiful waterfall cascading down from the snowy peaks of Dun Morogh.

There is a tunnel that looks like the North Gate Pass type of tunnel, and it seemingly leads to/from the farmland, but if you go down the tunnel to its other end, away from the farm, it appears to drop off in the middle of thin air. If you do indeed jump from the tunnel into thin air, you will fall for a very long time. See the pic here. After awhile you might actually feel like you’re stuck in mid-air, but if you watch your mini map or go to map view you’ll see that you’re actually falling slowly down the Dun Morogh map towards Searing Gorge. It was about the middle of the Burning Steppes map that I decided to go make a sandwich. I finally stopped falling at the Three Corners area of the Redridge Map when I hit water. I know what you’re thinking, “But Toque, there’s no water at the Three Corners!” I know. It was bizarre. I don’t recommend the long fall.

How to get there: This is a little tricky since the only way I know of to get here involves first getting to the Ironforge Airport, which I described previously. From the gryphon roost of the Airport, located at 69,19 on the Dun Morogh map, face north towards the Wetlands and carefully make your way down the mountains north down towards Menethil Harbor. If you take it slow and watch where you’re jumping, you’ll eventually realize that you’re on a hill above the farm area, around the coordinates of 65,5 if you’re still looking at the Dun Morogh map, or coordinates 25,69 on the Wetlands map. As the map shows, you’re still in the mountains and are in between the Airport and Menethil Harbor. Click HERE for the Map.

Updated Alternate Route Submitted by Anamandaris, Rogue Night Elf
“i have found another route to the wetlands farms. I did the airstrip and then travel north down the mtn but i kept getting impatient and falling to my death. I had heard of a route up thru the wetlands mtns near the orc camps east of the escavation site. Sure enough, if you take the second entrance to the orc camps past the crossroads travelling east thru wetlands, after you pass the orcs, continue up thru the foothills. You have to be patient and jump repeatedly a few times but you will reach the top (the flat moutain terrain with obvious boundary lines). You turn right when you get to the top and continue northest along the flat terrain until you see a green valley. Follow this valley until you get to a large tree (its huge and the only one there). Go around the tree and you’ll see a road. Follow the road to the farm.”
Thanks for the alternate route, Anamandaris!

Updated Alternate Route submitted by Konstantinos Vasileiadis
note: this method works for Warriors only!
“You’d have to make a macro reading:
/cast Bloodrage
/target Ram
/cast Battle Stance
/cast Charge
/target Dragonmaw
/cast Berserker Stance
and be ready to click intercept button right after the macro.

Entering Dun Algaz from the Wetlands, you move as the road goes, and at the first turn you face the mountain. You should see a ram patrolling up there, close to two Dragonmaw orcs. (Small note here, if you are coming from Loch Modan, this place is reachable through north gate, last corner before exiting to Wetlands, you face the mountain).

So I take for granted you’ve found the mountain with the ram and the orcs. When the ram is in charge range, press the macro, followed by the intercept button (manual click). The idea is to charge the ram (gets you halfway) and right away intercept the orc (gets you on top). After that you’re at the patch of land Anamandaris described.”

If you have any questions or want to follow up with Konstantinos on this method, you can contact Mr Thanks for this alternate method, Konstantinos!

Upside-Down SinnersThe Upside-Down Sinners
Location: The crypt in Karazhan, found in Deadwind Pass at 39,73.

Description: This is the spookiest thing I’ve ever seen in World of Warcraft. First of all, this crypt is technically unreleased and you have to die in order to get inside. It’s mob-free, and basically empty except for the contents of the Upside-Down Sinners room and a large pile of bones. I recommend taking an underwater breathing potion with you if you plan to spend much time underwater in the Upside-Down Sinners room; then again, you just might be so creeped out you’d prefer not to spend that much time there.

How to get there: Start in Duskwood and head east towards the Swamp of Sorrows. You’ll find yourself in Deadwind Pass, which connects the two zones. You can take the road south down further into Deadwind Pass intead of just passing through from zone to zone, and you’ll find yourself eventually in Karazhan, where Medivh’s Tower is located. This area is slated for something in the expansion pack, apparently. Be careful of “invisible” undead townsfolk known as Unliving Residents who roam Karazhan – they’ll be quick to attack if they catch you there. If you’re standing on the front steps facing the instance entrance of Medivh’s Tower, head to your left (southwest) and go around the left side of the tower (west) and up (northwest) towards a small church and graveyard on the hill. You’ll encounter a few more Unliving Residents along the way, but once you reach the church and the little graveyard across from it, you’ll be alone. The graveyard is called Morgan’s Plot, and you will see the crypt there, the entrance being at 39,73. If you try to enter the crypt, you’ll find that it’s got heavy metal bars blocking the entrance, but if you die, you can rez yourself on the other side of the gates for some “harmless” exploring. You’ll need to die fairly close to the crypt in order to make this work. You could also explore dead. If you are a warlock, you can hellfire yourself to death at the entrance, for example. Other classes may need to get creative or drag a nearby mob close enough and let it kill you. Click HERE for the Map.

Once inside, you’ll see a lot of big empty rooms with creepy names like the Pit of Criminals, Slough of Dispair, and Well of the Forgotten. There’s an entrance to a room called the Upside-Down Sinners which slopes into some murky green water. Dive in and be prepared to be spooked: this room houses dead, drowned bodies hanging by hooks “upside-down” under the water.

Sully BallooQuest: Sully Balloo’s Letter
Location: Beneath the Thandol Span at coordinates 44,92.

Description: This easter egg is not known by many because there are no quests that lead up to it. The only way to pick up this quest and the storyline behind it is to actually find the body of the dead dwarf, Sully Balloo, in a very hard-to-find location under the crumbling bridge in Thandol Span. The large stone bridge links the Wetlands and the Arathi Highlands. One side is broken and unable to be crossed, and the other allows passage between the two zones.

So why am I adding this quest into my compilation? The backstory is very touching, and it is one of many references to real life events that Blizzard likes to throw into their games. This quest and its story is based on a real life letter written by Sullivan Ballou to his wife, Sarah Ballou, on July 14, 1861 during the Civil War. One week later, he and his men died at the Battle of Bull Run. You can read more about it (and see the original letter of which this quest was based on) by clicking here.

How to get there: The body of Sully Balloo is located at the coordinates 44,92 in the Thandol Span. To find him, you will want to jump into the water below the bridge on the crumbling, broken side… right around here. Some wreckage from one of the broken pillars below the broken bridge has Sully’s body pinned to the river bottom. He is closer to the southern end of the bridge, closest to the Wetlands. He is holding a small letter in his hand that will light up when you mouseover it, so slowly run your cursor over the wreckage around the ruined pillars on the bottom of the river as you search to help you find him. As you can see in the screenshot, there is a catapult nearby, which might serve as a useful landmark. I suggest a breathing potion if you are not a warlock with unending breath, a druid with aquatic form, or undead, because it may take a few minutes of constant underwater searching to find him; realize you are searching for only the upper half of a dead dwarf’s body, as the rest of him has been pinned under the wreckage. Clicking on the letter is what will start the quest sequence. You’ll then find the letter in your inventory; be sure to read it. The letter will send you to find Sully’s surviving wife, Sara. You will find Sara in Ironforge in the Military Ward on the front porch of a house that sits across from the main Hall there, at the coordinates 63,67. Be kind when you break the news to her. Click HERE for the Map.

There you have it, my compilation of interesting “secret” places in the World of Warcraft that aren’t seen all that often by your average gamer. A lot of people have heard of or seen pictures of these places, but not everyone has actually taken the time to visit these places on their own. If you’re ever looking for something to do or want to kill time while you wait in the Battlegrounds queue, I highly recommend taking the time to explore these places. Screenshots don’t do most of these locations justice, and if you listen closely, you’ll find that Azeroth is begging to show off just how impressive and beautiful it really is.

Articles may not be republished elsewhere in whole or in part without permission. Feel free to link directly to this post. ©2005-2008 by Lesley Karpiuk (Toque of

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  1. Says:

    […] You can read a previous article I wrote on some of the “easter eggs” of Azeroth here. Go and check out the places that are rarely travelled by others and experience the thrill of […]

  2. Says:

    […] “secret” hidden village of the Shatterspear trolls. Many of you wrote to me after my Easter Egg article to share your exploration stories, and many of you wanted to hear more about Shatterspear Village. […]

  3. james Says:

    Hey, dont know how many people know this, but everytime i show people they didnt know so i thought id share it, in ut guard pinnicle , as you walk in, on eigther side of you are many treasures..
    if you turn left as soon as you come into that room, and look at the treasure pile you can see the arm of a terminator, on its stand like in terminator :D

  4. Nick Says:

    Here’s a little easter egg I found flying around Wetlands with a friend of mine in a private server. You’ll probably easily find it after Cataclysm.
    The thing is, on top of the peak on the mountain, near the center of the Wetlands (It’s impossible to get there by foot), there’s a small camp. There is a gold and blue Anvil-Hammer flag, like a Dwarven symbol, and bones everywhere. The top of the tent is charred, as if it was burned. Then there’s either ashes or blood on the wooden pike under the tent. I might want to point out, this is the highest point in WoW. Now, go to the tip of the mountain, where there’s lime green marks, and zoom out. You’ll notice the lines spell out a message. “HELP.” I assume a dwarven explorer came along and managed to get up there, then was trapped.

  5. Nathan Says:

    Actually, Newman’s landing is a place for new alliance characters to be spawned in before they are ported to their respective starting zones, if you type /who Newman’s landing you can see level one alliance characters for a split second, I found it to be a play on the words New man’s, or Newman’s landing hope I could clear some stuff.

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