WoW Fitness Program Part B

My WoW Fitness Programâ„¢ made it onto the official World of Warcraft website front page! To check it out, click here to view it on the front page, and here, to see where it is now forever listed on the WoW Community Website page. /cheer

Missed Part A? Click here.

I assume if you’ve managed to get through the initial four parts of the Program and you’ve gotten this far in reading, you’re probably ready to take your WoW Fitness Programâ„¢ to the next level… and I don’t mean arcade game levels. Are you ready to get the most out of your WoW Fitness Programâ„¢? Read on.

After the initial release of Part A of the Program, many readers tossed in their own ideas for more intense workouts. Some of these ideas require a little more motivation and space and will require that you get up out of your chair. I know what you’re thinking, “But Toque, I’m not ready to get out of my seat!” … To this I suggest going back to Part A and working on those exercises first until you feel comfortable enough for Part B. Never jump into the intermediate workout until you’ve fully mastered the beginner. A good two weeks working rigorously on Part A should have you primed for Part B. Everyone is at different fitness levels, however, so recognize that you may need more or less time on Part A depending on your level of fitness. And remember to always talk to a doctor before beginning this or any other fitness program.*

To do a quick recap, there are many opportunities in-game to exercise. Some opportunities are larger than others. For those longer stretches of time, such as Battleground queues or Tuesday Maintenance, (as suggested by Guaradar of the Boulderfist realm) you’ve got a chance to get out of your seat and perform some of the below suggested activities to intensify your workout. Epic flights from one end of the continent to another are also good chances to hit the next level in fitness. Zeerti of the Detheroc realm feels that levels 1-59 for Paladins are also considered “downtime” and are a good time to do exercises. While I can recognize good humor, (I lol’d) she does bring up a point: another good opportunity to do Part B exercises includes duels between two resto druids, two holy paladins, or two holy specc’d priests. Those last forever and give you ample time to get in a few more crunches on the floor next to your desk.

Part B Exercises: Part I
These do not require the use of any objects other than yourself… or perhaps a nearby wall or desk.

Pushups are a classic exercise. They’re good for your arms and back, and force you to work on your ab muscles at the same time. Lay flat on the floor on your stomach. Position your hands, palms down, on the floor out to the front and side of you. Force your back to stay straight (no camel humps please!) as you push yourself up into the starting position on your toes and hands. If it helps to think of your back as a flat table in order to keep it straight, do so. Lower yourself steadily until your nose touches the ground. Pause briefly, and then raise yourself back to the starting position. At first you may not be able to lower yourself completely as described. Go as low as you’re comfortable with to start, and build on going lower as you progress in the Program. It is also alright if you need to put your knees on the ground to start, as long as you remember to keep your back straight. As you get stronger you’ll find it easier to not use your knees.

Kyre of Silver Hand realm suggests squats as a way to build up those leg and butt muscles. When butt crunches aren’t enough, squats are the way to go! Stand up straight and tall with your legs apart, knees slightly bent. While focusing on keeping your back straight, lower yourself down onto your legs, putting weight on your thigh muscles. This should be a slow and steady movement. Return up to the starting position and repeat. Do 24 reps. It’s important to keep your back straight. (you don’t want to lean forwards or backwards, but instead move straight down and back up.) Focusing on keeping your stomach tight while you lower and raise will also help. Only squat down as far as you can comfortably. As you build on this exercise over time, you will find that you’ll be able to go lower and lower.

Another great way to work on those thigh and butt muscles is to do lunges. Stand up straight and tall with your hands on your hips. Step out with your left leg and plant it firmly in front of you and lean forward onto it, feeling the stretch in your muscles. Be sure to only stretch out as far as is comfortable to you. Now return to the starting position and repeat with your right leg. Do 12 reps for each leg.

Crunches and/or Situps
Another classic exercise combo includes crunches and/or situps, as suggested by Earom of the Frostmane realm. When doing crunches, it’s best to not let your shoulder blades touch the ground. Keep your stomach tight and back straight and imagine you’re reaching for the sky above your knees, not you knees themselves. After 25 reps of crunches, turn and lay on your side and do 25 more on your left side, and then switch to do 25 more on your right side as well. I like to finish up by doing one more set of 25 normally after working on my sides.

Penian of the Dark Iron realm suggests using a nearby bed/desk to do exercises … a brilliant idea! Here’s one example of how to use nearby furniture to your advantage:

Invisible Chair
This is a great leg endurance exercise that will help to get your leg muscles and butt muscles whipped into shape. Simply “sit” mid-air, as if on an invisible stool or chair, with your back firmly against a nearby wall, bed, or desk. You shouldn’t truly sit down, and be sure you’re not resting your weight on your legs! At first this may seem easy, however, after 30 seconds or so, you’ll start to feel your leg muscles really working hard to support your weight much like your computer desk chair does normally. Hold for 30 seconds and stand up. I suggest doing this three times a day; much like squats, this exercise will tax you! Be sure to stretch out your legs in between sets. If you focus on keeping your stomach tight while you hold this invisible chair sitting position against the wall, you’ll also hit target ab muscle groups as well.

Part B Exercises: Part II
These intense exercises require the use of some machinery or other object(s) not typically found in close proximity. Some can be substituted with a little imagination.

Firedamen of the Garona realm got into the spirit of taking his aggression out on exercises instead of in-game after reading Part A of my WoW Fitness Programâ„¢ and suggests a punching bag near your computer. Raylvan of Emerald Dream realm suggests the following workout for those of you with punching bag access:

“Three, five minute sessions with a thirty second rest in between will have you noticing results in no time. In the first five minute session, focus on keeping your hands up, for the second, focus on stepping in, throwing combos, and stepping out, and for the third session, focus on quick hands. I use heavy gloves for the first and light gloves for the second and third.”

Another unique suggestion by a Kyrie Eleison guildmate of Harod from the Lothar realm includes walking on a treadmill while you WoW. How, you may ask? Just check out his guildmate’s setup:

Don’t have a treadmill? Grab a smaller and more compact item; a stair stepper! Shove it under the desk and walk away frustrations and melt away calories like Mandengo of Darkspear realm does.

Speaking of large workout machinery you may have at your disposal, Paddo of the Khaz’goroth realm suggests rowing on a rowing machine during flights in-game. The gryph or bat doesn’t have to be the only thing flapping its way to sexier arms!

If you have weights nearby, lifting weights can really intensify your workout. I suggest curling with hand weights. Check out this hand weight action! You can do this either with real hand weights, or just grab the nearest can of soda (empty or full.)

Briefcase Curls
Step out with your left leg and bend your knees slightly. Rest your left arm on top of your left knee/upper thigh and put your weight on it. Now look to your right, and draw your right arm up, pretending you are holding a briefcase under your arm at your side. While holding the hand weight securely in your right hand, begin to steadily extend your right arm and elbow out behind you, keeping it straight, then return to the starting position.

If you choose to lift, please lift responsibly. Spotters are recommended for those attempting heavier or more intense lifing sessions.

Conclusion, “The Final Package”, and Testimonies
Before you start mopping up that sweat, here’s a refreshingly simple chair exercise to cool you down. Daisychaser of Twisting Nether realm suggests replacing your desk chair with a yoga ball instead, because it requires you to sit with good posture and balance yourself, thus giving you a subconscious ab workout in the process.

The Final Package
So now that you’re buff and fit and looking your personal best all while maintaining that rigorous and strict guild raiding schedule, you gotta show it off! Before you head out, we need to address one more issue that plagues us hardcore gamers. Tan skin, or lack thereof. During the winter this is a non-issue, but in the summertime, you want a nice tan to go along with those bulging pectoral muscles. Never fear, Boullion the tanner of the Frostmane realm has the solution to getting The Final Package! If you don’t have access to a personal tanning bed system at home, it’s just as easy to get a tan by installing tanning panels to your monitor. Think it’s crazy? You can actually purchase such a device at! Snag one for yourself here! :)

Speaking of tanning online, I found this site very humorous and too perfect for this guide not to mention:


“Toque changed my life. I was a loser getting epics, but NOW I’m a winner getting Epics in REAL LIFE!

Thanks Toque! I couldn’t do it without you!”

-Ikasuhade, Scarlet Crusade realm.

“I lost 100 pounds from this program!”

-Gitia, Wildhammer realm.

“Hi i’m rottenbacon and im addicted to WoW but after starting the toque fitness program im addicted to WoW and in great shape thank you toque fitness program.”

-Rottenbacon, Duskwood realm.

“I feel better already”

-Cordie, Danath Trollbane realm.

“After just ONE DAY of this fitness program, I’m amazed at how much it’s improved my fitness and personal image! Thank you so much for this regime, it’s allowed me to drop my going-outside-program so I can spend that much more time camping n00bs in STV ^__^”

-Taemojitsu, Korgath realm.

Note: Toque does not condone the action of “camping n00bs in STV”

“Thanks to this fitness program, I’ve gone from ninja looting epics to ninja looting girlfriends!

Thanks, Toque!”

-Coppola, Andorhal realm.

“Horray! We’re saved!”

-Thelias, Scarlet Crusade realm.

“Toque is the new light of hope for the World of Warcraft. Read her words and share in the Knowledge of the Ages.”

-Rizz, Cenarion Circle realm.

… and because it was important in Part A and still is…
There is no substitute for getting out and getting some real fresh air every now and then. Take a walk, jog to the liquor store for more beer… something! Use WoW time as a reward for working some quality real life fresh air time into your busy raiding schedule. And remember, consistency is the key.

Now go grab another beer and drink to your health! :)

Toque’s World of Warcraft® Fitness Programâ„¢
©2006 by Toque (Lesley Karpiuk)

*Always talk to your doctor before beginning any new fitness program. Not responsible for loss or injury due to following this voluntary fitness program; exercise at your own risk! These are merely suggestions and meant as a joke. ;)

A special thank you goes out to the readers of the WoW General Forums where comments on my WoW Fitness Programâ„¢ there inspired me to write Part B and have more fun with this than I originally imagined. If you were not credited properly above, click here to email me and let me know. Thanks!

Articles may not be republished elsewhere in whole or in part without permission. Feel free to link directly to this post. ©2005-2008 by Lesley Karpiuk (Toque of

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