The Gnome Druid Movement

As a gnome, I’m tired of not being able to take back Gnomeregan for good, when I’ve cleared that place out more times than I can keep track of. How many eradicated troggs must I kill before I can go home?

This problem has inspired me to create Blizzard’s next expansion for them, which solves the problem completely:

See the expansion ad artwork

Introducting a new playable race/class combo: Gnome Druids!

Why Gnome Druids? Two words: cure poison. What do you think those choking green gases surrounding Gnomeregan are?! I’ll tell you what they are… nasty poison, and the reason why Gnomes have not been 100% successful in returning to their homeland is because we don’t have the cure poison ability. Giving us the druid class will solve this problem and give us the tool we need to be successful once and for all. Here’s the tag line for my new expansion idea:

Gnome Druid Expansion

Gnome Druid Expansion

Thermaplugg is at it again, and his new invention will destroy Gnomeregan once and for all. Gnome Druids are the only hope to cure the poison that ails their city. All is not lost! Play a Gnome Druid and take back Gnomeregan for good!

Now I know there are skeptics out there looking at me funny, but before you make your decision … or even before you laugh and scoff at the idea of Gnome Druids… take a look at Exhibits A, B, C, & D which all show the potential for Gnomes as Druids very clearly. You can’t say no to those faces!

A: Aquatic form
exhibit a: aquatic form
B: Bear form
exhibit b: bear form
C: Cat form
exhibit c: cat form
D: boomkin form
exhibit d: boomkin form

The time to take back Gnomeregan has arrived!

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3 Responses to “The Gnome Druid Movement”

  1. Theory of Gnomage » Blog Archive » Megagnomage – Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Says:

    […] da ganja, so…what was I talking about again?  Whatever, I would kill a baby squirrel to see Gnome druids.  Wait, I think I’ve already done […]

  2. Kita Says:

    We’ve discussed this in great length. (sadly?)

    Travel form needs to be a ferret.

  3. Toque Says:

    haha ya, this post was made back in August of 2006, so quite a long time ago! I play(ed) a Druid for several years and STILL think gnomes would be awesome druids, but this article could be revised because there have been some good ideas for the various forms – I LOVE the ferret idea, lol :)

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