Gnomes as Healers

I am a gnome.

That being said, I’ve noticed that we Gnomes are the only race to not have a healing class choice available to us. Yes, I know that some of you are already aware of this and I’m sure you’ve heard this song and dance before… or at least think you have. Some may not realize that every other race has at least one healer option available to them, so let’s take a quick look at the rest of the races to see what I mean:

Draenei: priest, paladin, shaman
Dwarf: priest, paladin
Human: priest, paladin
Night Elf: druid, priest
Gnome: NONE!

Blood Elf: priest, paladin
Orc: shaman
Tauren: druid, shaman
Troll: priest, shaman
Undead: priest

What we’re talking about here is clearly racial discrimination, and I think it’s high time that the Gnomes were given a way to be a healer… if nothing else, at least a support healer capability. This may not be the first time that this issue has been brought to your attention, but hopefully it will be the last time it is necessary to share our plight once you see where I’m going with this.

Before you start telling me the lore of Warcraft to explain to me why Gnomes cannot be healers, stop and think about lore. First of all, lore makes up the storyline that has created the world that we are playing in, but the lore is always changing and evolving as we do. The future is not written yet, and after looking at how the lore can easily be twisted to explain why Blood Elves cannot be warriors, but instead have found a way to “steal” the light in order to be paladins and priests… the idea of Gnomes as healers is not that far of a stretch. Currently, the Warcraft lore has combat medic Gnomes in Gnomeregan that can heal, not to mention the Leper Gnomes all have heal spells, too. There are also Netherguard Clerics in the Blasted Lands that are Gnomes. If you’re so concerned about lore, explain Netherguard Clerics or the Gnomeregan medics or the fact that leper gnomes have heal spells? You can’t say that Gnomes cannot have heal spells or abilities possible when Blizzard makes plenty of in-game examples of them. These three examples alone show that Gnomes have the capability, it’s now just a matter of explaining further why and how this possible for the rest of us, too.

Let’s start by looking at what we do know about the Gnome race. First of all, we’re very smart. See our bonus to intellect, for example. Secondly, we are mechanical engineers and can design and build amazingly complex machines and devices for all kinds of uses. True that this technology sometimes backfires, but such is the nature of our trade, and we accept this. There’s no question, though, that technology is what we’re good at.

Now let’s turn our attention to look at the medical industry. Where it’s come from and where it is today has revolved around the evolution of technology. Many life-saving medical advancements were made and people are alive today because of technology. Because of machines, we are able to save peoples’ lives and heal them. The idea that a Gnome could create technologies that will heal and keep others alive is a very feasible idea. If Blood Elves can steal the light to be allowed paladins and priests, then surely it’s not impossible to see Gnomes either creating machines that can also steal the light for that very same reason or just plain manufacture their own artificial light for those purposes. To us, technology is our religion.

And now we come to the biggest incentive and ulterior motive behind our desire for a healing class or ability. Gnomes are currently without a capitol city. Why is this? Our beloved Gnomeregan has been overrun by Thermaplugg and his gang of poison-cloud covered troggs and leperous diseases for far too long. This eradication keeps us from going home, and I’ve figured out why we’ve never been completely successful in taking back Gnomeregan and why we’ll never get it back without a healing class or healing ability… it’s filled with poison and disease and we have no way to heal it! Give us druids to cure poison or paladins to cure disease, give us priests, or even shaman! With the implementation of a healer class, we will once and for all be able to heal what ails Gnomeregan and take back what’s rightfully ours for good.

And for those that have such strong animosity towards the idea, I have another proposition that may be easier for you to stomach: Give gnomes with 315 engineering some form of technology (that can only be obtainable/useable at 315) that will allow us to be a support/backup healer. If we can’t have an official healer class… at least give us something to strive for with 315 engineering.

We’re the only race that has a racial bonus that allows us to get to 315 engineering, but there’s really nothing to look forward to by getting to 315. Nothing “special” besides just the satisfaction of capping and a few extra levels on our quickie trinket pets with a massive cooldown. Those 15 extra points don’t really do anything extra for us.

We’re also the only race that does not have the capability to choose and play a healer class, so perhaps instead this is the answer. Kill two birds with one stone; give us something at 315 engineering and make it actually worth it for us and allow us to heal.

With our gnomish/goblin technology intuition and our intellect bonus, being able to heal or manufacture the light and create a device which could heal is not that far of a stretch and is entirely feasible.

So what if we currently don’t have healers and we’ve never had healer classes- does that make it wrong of us Gnomes to want a healer class added anyway? Change is good, and it’s obvious that too many people are too afraid to accept change. The lore of this game has dictated where we are today… but what about the future? The future has not happened yet, and based on other facts already proposed here, there’s no reason why Gnome healers could not be added to the future. This day and age, practically anything can be turned into a full-fledged religion, so why is it so hard to fathom a technology-based religion? Think outside of the box. If nothing else, do it for Gnomeregan. It’s time to reclaim our home, and healing is what Gnomeregan needs to make this possible.

Update, 9/28/06: The Gnome Healer Series
Sometimes visuals can be the key that best gets an idea across. For this purpose I have created a set of pictures, which I call the “Gnome Healer Series”, in order to show you how cool the idea of gnomes as healers would look. For each of the images below, click the thumbnail to view the full-sized version. Their order is priest, paladin, druid, and shaman.

Priest: Deity of 'Transcendence' Paladin: 'Judgement' Day Druid: Rage of Storms Shaman: 'Ten Storm' Frostshock

For Gnomeregan!

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